Timber Now

Now more than ever, the world of mid-rise construction is talking about timber, for different reasons.

  • Is it overpriced and unavailable, or the winner for safety and speed on the building site?
  • Dangerous in fire, or safer than materials that don’t burn but crack or melt?
  • Less sustainable than we thought, or the benchmark of biophilia and wellness?

Everybody has a view, but some have more insights than others. Our speakers have made bold choices early, anticipating the market trends:

Andrew Waugh

A pioneer of mass timber, Waugh Thistleton architecture designs only in timber.

Ian Tyson

CEO, Timberlink Australia & New Zealand

Simon Angove

Group Sales Manager CLT & GLT, Timberlink Australia & New Zealand

They will share their thoughts, and lessons learnt, describing where timber stands now, and where it’s going to be next.


Thursday Timber Webinars

On selected Thursdays at 11am AEST, Thursday Timber webinar series will continue to present themed presentations on topics relating to the use of timber in the built environment.

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