Studio Chris Fox

Studio Chris Fox bridges the disciplines of art, architecture, engineering and construction, recalibrating our perception of place through material and architectural intervention.

The Studio navigates the complex constraints of the public domain with poetic sensibility, utilising innovative computational processes and unexpected material manipulations. Working from concept design to project delivery, Studio Chris Fox has developed a collaborative computational workflow, integrating structural engineering, digital fabrication through to on site coordination and project management.

The studio team thrives in meaningful collaborations, generating unique cultural placemaking outcomes with a diverse range of creatives, stakeholders and practitioners. These include First Nations artists, designers and thinkers, architects, landscape architects, engineers and urban designers.

Projects on Woodsolutions

a wooden structure with curved walls

Interchange Pavilion

‘Interchange Pavilion’ is a literal and metaphorical crossing of paths, inspired by the ‘railroad switch’, which nods to the site's history as a rail yard.

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