Interchange Pavilion

‘Interchange Pavilion’ is a literal and metaphorical crossing of paths, inspired by the ‘railroad switch’, which nods to the site's history as a rail yard.
Project Name
Interchange Pavilion by Studio Chris Fox
Case Study Type

South Eveleigh 2015

Photographer Details
Josh Raymond


Studio Chris Fox were engaged with the project all the way from concept to execution, as they were both the designers and principal contractors for the build. Therefore, they had to work out and detail every aspect of the pavilion, draft the documentation, source the materials, and project manage all fabrication and installation.

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The surface of the structure is doubly- curved, like a distorted helix, which is a complex shape to clad with planar timber elements. The surface pushes the boundaries of timber geometry, peeling up from the ground, arcing overhead, before re-converging at a singular point at the apex.

The execution of the geometry required complex parametric modelling, in order to uniquely detail every detailed connection between the timber pieces and supporting structure. 

Digital fabrication allows complex structures with myriad unique parts to be predetermined and therefore prefabricated. Each part can be designed to fit accurately to the geometry and provide the structural support necessary, using modelling software. For prefabricated structures, a high input in the design phase allows for a faster and more accurate construction phase.


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