Hansen Yuncken

Hansen Yuncken is uniquely placed as a leading Australian construction company, proud of our 100 year history and continuous private ownership.

With the advantages of our fully accessible management team, we offer fast client response and an ability to take innovations to market quickly, cultivating a proactive environment where initiative is rewarded and productive ideas flourish.


Projects on Woodsolutions

a group of people playing instruments on a stage

The Hedberg

The Hedberg presents an unprecedented ambition for a significant performing and creative arts destination in Hobart.
a large auditorium with red seats

Her Majesty's Theatre Redevelopment

The redevelopment of ‘Her Maj’ features a reintegration of lost architectural elements, heritage facade preservation, and a gorgeous new timber interior.
a wooden staircase with a triangular design

Aiding the Healing Process

Inhabited by patients and their support networks seeking therapy, information or solitude, this vibrant yet domestic space exudes warmth and security through its use of timber. Natural timber is used as both a main feature and as accents throughout, emphasising the Centre's focus on nature and natural elements, all proven to aid the healing process.

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