Linear Formations

Linear Formations is a series of timber pavilions located in the sculpture courtyard of the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. The structures were built annually between 2019 and 2021.
Project Name
Linear Formations Pavilions at UTS
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15 Broadway
Ultimo NSW

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Hamish McIntosh, Robin Hearfield


Creating a space within a space by students for students, each pavilion was collaboratively designed, fabricated and built by the entire first year architecture cohort as part of the design & build task of their ‘Introduction to Construction and Structural Synthesis’ subject.

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Using a constrained material repository of reclaimed timber from each previous year’s project, each structure was prefabricated and built in 9 days.

Exploring the use of linear timber elements and simple structural systems with a standardised reversible connection, each pavilion is designed to activate the sculpture courtyard at the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building. Creating a space within a space for students and the wider university community, each pavilion creates a unique spatial atmosphere. All components were hand-cut and assembled with power tools by the students. Using circular design principles, each pavilion is designed for disassembly reusing the timber of each previous year’s project, and becoming the material library for the following year.

The physical lifespan of building materials often exceeds the lifespan of the structures they are used for. Recognising the value of materials beyond their use in one project and using circular design principles is the key message for the students undertaking the project. By establishing a digital material inventory that enables them to identify and track the lengths of all linear timber elements, they were able to optimise the design of each consecutive year’s pavilion, allowing for maximum yield of the constrained material repository.

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