CLT in Multistorey Residential Buildings - Philipp Zumbrunnen,

CLT in Multistorey Residential Buildings

Philipp Zumbrunnen, Design Director, EURBAN/CarbonEng UK

A specialist timber engineer, Philipp is a founding director of CarbonEng where he is responsible for timber design. As a Project director of EURBAN Limited, he also manages the design and delivery team.

Philipp's fascinating presentation includes a brief history of CLT, a look at CLT structures in the UK, including a new case study and some pointers to the future of massive timber construction.

For ease of viewing, the presentation has been edited to four parts.

Part One: 3 CLT structural systems

Duration: 4 mins

Philipp discusses three alternative systems:

  • column
  • honeycomb
  • party wall


Part Two: Quick Case Studies x 4

Duration: 5 mins

An overview of four CLT building projects in the UK

  • Waterson Street
  • Chancery Court
  • Pennywell Road
  • Murray Grove


Part Three: Detailed Case Study: Bridport House

Duration: 15 mins

An in depth look at the design and construction of this complex building.


Part Four: CLT in MultiStorey Residential Buildings Four New Possibilities

Duration: 3 mins

An informed speculation about the future of massive timber building systems


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