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We have a project where we have installed a pink / red species veneer B/C ply with a clear sealer. It has over 6 weeks plus changed colour significantly and in some areas delaminating. I have done some research and thinking it may be too high PH levels of the formaldehyde glue causing a reaction with the sealer possibly.
We are wondering where do we take this to be tested to ascertain what has happened, we have tried CSIRO but they dont have the ability to do this. We will need this for insurance purposes.

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We suggest you contact Dr Barbara Ozarska, technical expert for the Timber Veneer Association of Australia (TVAA). Her contact details are: Prof. Barbara Ozarska, School of Ecosystem & Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne, phone (03) 9035 6878, email

Veneer testing

Should a subfloor be replaced after significant water damage to an established house?
Is there an assessment other than a moisture test to ensure the integrity of the subfloor hasn’t been compromised??

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A moisture test will tell you when the drying process has finished so you can expect no further dimensional change or deterioration. However, it won't tell you what has actually happened to the timber. That will need further probing. Our Technical Design Guide no. 12 titled "Impact & Assessment of Moisture-Affected Timber Framed Construction" describes the recommended assessment procedure. Copies of Technical Design Guides can be downloaded here, or hard copies can be purchased from SAI Global. 

Moisture damage

I'm currently undertaking Dissertation studies on the benefits of lightweight construction materials (partially timber). Do you have (or know where to find) any statistical data on the number of Class 2-9 Timber buildings built in Australia in the past few decades?

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It's possible one of the Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) team could have this data, although we are not sure such statistics have been compiled. You may care to contact one of their staff here

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