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What is the fire resistance rating of a 6" x 6" timber post and where is it listed ?

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The fire resistance of a timber member depends on the density of the species. The design process to establish the fire resistance of a timber member is explained in our Technical Design Guide number 15, titled Fire Design, available for download here:

Fire resistance

I'm looking at purchasing a decking species to sell to merchants here in Adelaide. Currently it hasn't been BAL tested. If there was no testing to be conducted would it be ok to sell for use in non fire zone areas? Or would it still need to have some BAL rating to be able to put to market?

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Timber products don't have to be BAL-tested. Whether they are suitable for various fire zone areas is regulated by Australian Standard 3959:2018, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. AS 3959 sets out the density of timber required for the lower-level BAL areas, and also lists seven species deemed to be 'bushfire-resisting'. In the higher-level fire zones timber is more restricted or not permitted at all. Generally, timber decking is not marketed with any specific BAL rating - it's for the customer and/or building professionals to determine whether it's suitable for the particular location, by reference to AS 3959. On the other hand you might want to offer this information as a customer service.

Decking in fire zones

Can you advise if Gympie Messmate meets the standard for F27 Piles Inground durability 1-2

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According to Australian Standard 5604, Timber - Natural durability ratings, Gympie messmate falls into Durability Class 1 in ground contact.

Gympie messmate
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