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Do you have tables showing the shear capacity of timber using batten screws - for bearers for example ?

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The shear capacity of a screw that you will find on manufacturers' websites may be the capacity of the screw itself, not necessarily the capacity of a connection made with that screw. The capacity of a screwed connection will depend on the type of timber and its Joint Group, as well as the properties of the screw (gauge, type of metal, etc.) Details of screw capacities can be found in Australian Standard 1720, Timber Structures, Part 1: Design Methods. 

Batten screws

How much end grain compressional weight can a 115mm by 115mm by 2.3m GL17 Merbau post take in kilograms?

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The answer needs to be calculated using Australian Standard 1720 Timber Structures, Part 1: Design methods. Section 3.3 of AS 1720.1 deals with column design. We can tell you that the characteristic value of compression parallel to grain for GL17 timber is 33 MPa, but various factors need to be taken into account in column design, according to whether the column has any lateral restraint, whether the load is long term or short term, etc. as outlined in AS 1720.1.

Column design

We are after a Fire Certificate for American Oak flooring.
Report Number. 45980.10 is not applicable for a floor lining.
Report Number: RIR 21419-05 and Report Number: RIR 41117.9 do not show American Oak.

Please advise.

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American white oak was not included in our fire tests for timber flooring, but only in the test programme for wall and ceiling linings, as reported in RIR 45980.10. Consequently we don't have the relevant criteria for American white oak used as flooring. We can only suggest you contact the supplier in case they have the data you need.

American white oak
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