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I am wondering if I mill all my own timber with a portable mill, how do I then get it approved (graded) to build a house with? The timber will be milled on my family farm and left to air dry for a period of time. Is there a way a grading inspector can visit and grade it? Or could a engineer approve it for use in the house planning process?
I will be milling mostly River Red Gum and other hardwood. The plan is to build a post and beam house from the timber milled.

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To find a grader in Victoria we suggest you contact Timber Training at Creswick. They have a website at www.timbertrainingcreswick.com.au. Since they run courses on visual stress grading they should be able to put you in touch with a qualified timber grader.



Stress grading

What is the clearance for spotted gum decking off ground level and cross flow/ airflow ventilation requirements

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The National Construction Code (NCC) requires decks to have the same level of ventilation as suspended floors. Since decks are not usually enclosed this requirement is easily satisfied. However, if the deck is enclosed around the perimeter then ventilation openings must be provided. The minimum aggregate area of ventilation in mm2/m of wall is specified in the NCC, depending on the climatic zone - less in the dry centre of the country, more in damper coastal areas. Clearance above ground is the same as for timber floors - 150mm where access under the floor is not required (eg. for termite inspection), 400mm where access is required.

Ventilation under deck

If you could please help me with answering on my question would be very appreciated. We are working on project that has a breeze way beetween two buildings. In that breezway we have concrete columns that are decorated with 40x40mm and 1800H timber battens. Those concrete columns are carrying light roof structure for that breeze way.
We can't get these columns certificated for fire because of timber battens. Is there any timber that you can recommend we can use for this detail or should we use aluminium battens instead? 

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We weren't sure of the criteria the timber has to meet. If you could send more details of exactly what the building code calls for, we will see if we can find a timber that complies. 

NCC compliance
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