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The Shukufuku Japanese Bento interior is a charismatic representation of their brand. Featuring a visually dynamic ceiling feature, a youthful lighting strategy, and an oversized steel frame Maneki-neko, the space is a bright, fun addition to the Melbourne CBD.

Reclaimed messmate timber has been used as the flooring material throughout the entire Shukufuku Japanese Bento restaurant. The tongue and groove timber flooring system also wraps up onto one feature wall within the dining space, creating a cohesive and clearly defined space. The timber was then treated with a single coat of white paint. After the paint had dried it was then sanded back by hand and sealed with a timber flooring varnish – creating a rustic timber look. The variation created by the hand sanding effect is truly one a kind – meaning that no piece of timber looks the same. The feature timber flooring and wall add warmth and texture to a clean, sleek space.


Featuring natural materials such as timber and rope, the neutral toned materials palette is juxtaposed with pops of their corporate colours, blue and yellow. Highlighting Shukufuku's strong brand identity, geometric features were included throughout the interior. From the subtle diamond shaped wall tiles, to the oversized pendant lights; the interior is continually reinforcing the Shukufuku brand identity. The star of the show is the faceted ceiling feature, which is made of over 20 faceted panels. The custom-made individual and communal dining tables feature 'colour blocked' sections which segment the tables, as inspired by the compartmentalised nature of the 'bento'.

Floor Covering: 100% of all customer area flooring has been finished in tongue and groove reclaimed messmate.

Internal Panelling: Reclaimed messmate 90 x 12.

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