Murdoch University Case Study - Pushing the Limits of Post and Beam

The New Academic Building is a transformative project for Murdoch University and for the national Higher Education sector more broadly. The project consists of a unique timber structure, over 130 meters long and comprised of four storeys. In this episode we’re speaking with the project team; Edward Berry the Architect from Lyons, Jamie Cook the builder from Multiplex, Pratik Shrestha the Engineer from Aurecon and Mario Busolli a supplier from XLam Dolomiti about;

  • The special focus on building modelling,
  • Managing the supply chain during design,
  • And of course the lessons learned for all the team

Timber Talks Series 5

Presented by Adam Jones, an Australian engineer working in the industry, Timber Talks, gives you an informative and inspiring insight into the best design practices, latest innovations and interesting case studies from the world leading experts in timber design, specification and construction.

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