Product performance

Timber is one of the world’s top performing construction materials. Tried and tested over centuries, it’s inherent beauty, strength and durability has seen it remain one of the most popular building materials to this day.

Developments and advancements in engineered wood products and in timber treatments mean that timber can now be used where once materials like steel or concrete were the only option. And in key areas of acoustics, thermal performance, strength and fire resistance – timber is not just capable of answering a wide range of specifications but also of performing strongly, each and every time.

Acoustic performance

Not only aesthetically pleasing, timber also provides excellent acoustic properties, with many high-end architectural projects featuring internal timber applications.

Fire performance

In a fire, timber performs in a measurable, predictable way allowing designers the ability to create strong, durable, fire resistant timber constructions.

Strength performance

Timber’s superior strength qualities provide a versatile building material best utilised for structural applications - from beams, walls and flooring through to formwork and large timber panels.

Thermal performance

As a naturally insulating material, timber has strong thermal performing properties. Construction design using timber, with a focus on energy efficiency will maximise comfort and minimise non renewable energy use.

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