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Building Timber-framed Houses to Resist Wind

Designing and Building for Wind Wind causes lateral and uplift forces on houses that must be resisted by the appropriately designed and installed tie-downs and bracing detailed in AS 1684.

Timber Garden Retaining Walls Up to 1m High

A design and construction guide for architects, designers, builders, landscapers and experienced DIY'ers.

Building Code of Australia Deemed to Satisfy Solutions for Timber Aged Care Buildings (Class 9c)

WoodSolutions Technical Design Guide 42 – Building Code of Australia Deemed to Satisfy Solutions for Timber Aged Care Buildings (Class 9c) provides information and options available to comply with the BCA, using timber structural systems for Class 9c buildings.

Reimagining Wood-based Office Fitout Systems - Design Criteria and Concepts

The average office furnishing cycle of ‘fitout, strip out, repeat’ is all too familiar, and expensive, to office occupiers. It’s also a wasteful process, ripe for disruption as Guide 43 Reimagining Wood-based Office Fitout Systems demonstrates. 

CLT Acoustic Performance

The next generation of heavy timber building systems is about to transform the design and construction of many buildings in Australia. Products that make up heavy timber construction include: Cross-laminated timber (CLT)

Code of Practice - Fire Retardant Coatings

As wood products become increasingly specified in a wide range of construction projects, understanding the fire properties required by the National Construction Code (NCC) and how wood products can comply is essential.

Wood Construction Systems

This guide is designed to assist practicing structural engineers and other building design professionals to confidently develop conceptual structural designs for timber-rich buildings and structures.

Timber Bollards

A detailed guide to the design, specification, installation, finishing and maintenance of timber bollards.

Slip Resistance and Wood Pedestrian Surfaces

This guide is written for designers, specifiers, producers, installers and end-users of pedestrian trafficable wood products, including flooring, decking, boardwalks, steps, stairs, ramps and bridges.

Long-span Timber Floor Solutions

This guide covers two timber floor solutions – cassette type floors (using LVL or glulam web and LVL or CLT flanges) and panel-type floors (using CLT or combination of CLT with LVL or glulam secondary members) – that have the potential to be used for at least 9 x 9 metre mid-rise commercial building.

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