WoodSolutions Seminar: Innovations in Engineered Wood Construction

The interest in engineered wood construction continues to take the world by storm, and Australia punches well above its weight in terms of innovation, new product/system development, off-site manufacturing, design creativeness, and the delivery of amazingly beautiful projects. 

These WoodSolutions Seminar presentations from some of Australia’s leading timber industry and building professional experts present the latest knowledge on key design, specification, design tools cost, supply, and construction considerations. See the latest for delivering innovative engineered wood construction solutions using products and systems, involving lightweight timber-framing, heavy timber post and beam, and massive timber panels such as LVL and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

The seminar presentations feature a range of exemplary Australian timber and hybrid construction projects, and as a special themed case study. The amazing new T3 Collingwood project, currently under construction in Melbourne, is featured from architectural, engineering, fabrication, and construction perspectives.

These seminar presentations will be of value to building and design professionals including architects, building designers, engineers, certifiers, developers, builders, regulators, educators, and students.

Welcome and Introduction

-  Alastair Woodard, WoodSolutions

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T3 - 36 Wellington St, Collingwood – Intelligent Real Estate Investments

Jo Lees, Construction Manager, Hines

T3 Collingwood is a signature office development in the rapidly gentrifying market in Melbourne’s Inner West.  Using locally grown, sustainable timber, T3 is a marriage of modern spaces and environmental conscience.  By reducing the embodied carbon, T3 demonstrates how we can innovate for the future in the real estate industry.

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Architectural Innovation with Engineered Wood Construction

Jimmy Walker, Associate, Jackson Clement Burrows Architects

Aesthetics, beautiful spaces, natural biophilic design, low embodied CO2 emissions solutions all continue to drive the architectural innovation with the use of engineered wood construction. This architectural creativeness will be explored using a range of recent and current flagship JCBA projects as case studies.

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Mass Engineered Wood Construction Innovation

Nathan Benbow, Engineering Design Manager, ASH

Mass engineered wood system and off-site prefabricated manufacturing supply solutions are accelerating globally. Excitingly, Australia’s local industry is leading the way on many fronts, including mass hardwood laminated members, timber concrete composites and innovative engineering and prefab solutions.

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Building Communities Above Our Cities

Paul Kremer, Thought leader A/E/C industries

Each existing building is potentially a valuable piece of real estate air space ripe for building development. Timber/hybrid vertical extensions offer a proven viable possible solution to extending our cities, at height, even the possibilities of interconnected ‘sustainable communities’ – going up, not out.

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Hybrid Timber – How Can Less Timber Be More

Nick Hewson, Chief Design Officer & Head of Product Development, Viridi Group 

‘Best material for best application ‘is a key theme in innovation and specification. Using real life project examples to illustrate the lessons learned, the concept of Hybrid Construction, including hybrid timber lightweight and mass timber products combined with steel and concrete composites will be explored.

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Degree: Passive House Meets Prefab Architecture

- Andrew Fotia, Architect, Senior Associate, ARKit

Lightweight timber framing remains the preferred solution for residential construction but how do we deliver the best performing home for a customer. This presentation will explore the current innovations in residential onsite & offsite solutions and the results of a recent Passivhaus vs Code post occupancy study.

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Driving Efficiencies with Software Tools and Automated Design

Adam Jones, Director CLT Toolbox

The successful growth of engineered wood construction requires more building professionals who are Timber Specialists, and the tools to assist. For engineers having user-friendly Australian timber structural design software can make all the difference in delivering a smooth, successful, and efficient design.

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