'The Clancy' - Six Storey CLT Case Study in Sydney

‘The Clancy’ is a new 6 storey, 40 room hotel situated in the heart of Surry Hills, and the first mid-rise timber project for both builder (Alessi Design + Build) and client (8Hotels). Located on busy Elizabeth St just a few minutes from Sydney’s Central Station and landlocked from both sides and the rear, this project posed many challenges to the design and construction teams. In this webinar hosted by the Mid-rise Advisory Program and Partner organisation XLam we will hear first hand accounts from the supplier and builder of the project, detailing the many innovative solutions that were required to achieve a successful project outcome. Just one of these solutions, massive timber construction was utilised from the first floor of the building, bringing many logistical and buildability benefits to the project. The first of this Mid-rise specific webinar series, this session is suitable for all architects, engineers, builders, developers, and other consultants looking to learn more about massive timber construction, and how it can be used in your next mid-rise project.

Sean Bull Presentation:

0:59 Project details

2:04 Location

3:00 Extent of CLT

4:13 Structural/Fire Engineering

8:46 Logistical Solution

11:21 Installation

14:50 Manufacture + Delivery

17:07 Summary

Connie Alessi Presentation:

19:58 Begins


33:01 Begins


Mid-rise Timber Masterclasses

Mid-rise Timber Masterclass Webinars are a series of presentations and Q&A sessions created to facilitate the design and construction of mid-rise projects using timber building systems.

Webinar topics range from case studies to proprietary technical products and solutions. They are hosted by the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Team and presented by Mid-rise Partner companies.

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