Lightweight Timber Mid-Rise Construction in North America - Robert Tan, MiTek Australia

Timber is growing in popularity as the chosen building material for the mid-rise market in Australia with both lightweight and mass timber solutions.

In North America lightweight timber is widely used for Multi-family Residential Construction with apartment buildings of five to six storeys. Robert Tan, Engineering Manager Asia Pacific for MiTek Australia Ltd toured North America to study the mid-rise timber construction methods and in this webinar he presents his findings from an engineering perspective.


Mid-rise Timber Masterclasses

Mid-rise Timber Masterclass Webinars are a series of presentations and Q&A sessions created to facilitate the design and construction of mid-rise projects using timber building systems.

Webinar topics range from case studies to proprietary technical products and solutions. They are hosted by the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Team and presented by Mid-rise Partner companies.

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