WoodSolutions Webinar | New Innovative Software Taking the Structural Design of Timber to New Heights

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The advancement of engineered timber construction in Australia could be accelerated if some key impediments were addressed.

While the concrete and steel building sectors have comprehensive automated Australian-focused structural design and educational software at their disposal, engineered timber does not. Engineers are often then compelled to learn on-the-go and develop a company's internal timber design methodologies from the ground up, typically relying on painstaking spreadsheets. This is very time-consuming and inefficient, and restricts the growth of ‘Timber Design Specialist’ numbers – this, however, is set to change.

A new initiative, the CLT Toolbox, is an innovative software that eliminates the need for manual spreadsheet construction. Furthermore, it provides a unique timber education tool for both design professionals wanting to become Timber specialists, and university curriculums and their students. Also importantly, it is not just a black box - it's a sophisticated and enlightening educational-design tool specific to Australian Standards and products, supported by the Australian mass timber supply chain and forward-thinking investors.

This software is poised to propel the industry to new heights. In this webinar, Adam Jones, the founder of CLT Toolbox, will background the glaring need for this tool, introduce the software and demonstrate how it can empower structural engineers to proficiently design with timber.



Adam Jones :  Founder·CLT Concepts or CLT Toolbox

Adam Jones is the Founder of CLT Toolbox, a software company looking to eliminate bottlenecks to the adoption of low embodied carbon materials. Adam is also a bestselling author of the book ‘The Sh*t They Never Taught You’ and previously hosted the What You Will Learn Podcast which reached nine million downloads. He’s also the host of the world-leading timber podcast WoodSolutions Timber Talks. He was named the Future Green Leader of the Year in 2019.

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