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Bushfires, floods, cyclones, and storms, along with increasing sea levels and earthquakes, all threaten our landscapes, environments, communities, and buildings. These severe natural hazards are increasing in both frequency and intensity, causing destruction, and huge costs for response, relief, reconstruction, and rehabilitation efforts. Consequently, there is growing interest globally, and in Australia, for action to improve ‘Resilience’ and adaptation to our changing climate.

Resilient Timber Home construction, if done correctly, is an efficient and sustainable solution to the challenges caused by our rapidly changing climate. In this webinar, Paolo Lavisci, Resilient Timber Homes Program Manager explores how timber homes can be, and are already being designed and built, with a resilience-focused approach to resist bushfire, floods and cyclones, or whatever mother-nature throws at us.

Paolo will also share news of an exciting new Resilient Timber Homes Design Competition launched by WoodSolutions and supporting partners (https://resilienttimberdesign.com.au/) to investigate new and innovative design concepts that can achieve “Code+” performances, provide better safety and wellness for their occupants, as well as increased value for the investors and the whole community.

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