WoodSolutions Webinar | The Role of Forests and Wood Products in Building a Zero Carbon Future

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At COP28 Australia announced its pledge to join the ‘Initiative for Greening Construction with Sustainable Wood’. Seventeen countries have committed to increasing the use of wood products in the built environment by 2030. This pledge is recognition that a global approach to building policies can deliver reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and an increase in the amount of carbon stored in our buildings.

This webinar will explore the detail of how forest and wood products can play a major role in building a zero-carbon future for Australia. We invite two of Australia’s leading experts on carbon who will dive into the three new Carbon Guides released by Forest & Wood Products Australia and WoodSolutions. 

Learn about 
•    The global carbon cycle
•    The role of sustainable forest management
•    The distinction between biogenic and fossil carbon
•    Carbon storge in wood products and embodied greenhouse gas emissions in buildings
•    Designing for net zero, LCA and whole-of-life carbon design decisions
•    Environmental product declarations and accounting for biogenic carbon during use and at the end of life
•    Dive into the approaches to biogenic carbon in green building frameworks in Australia and New Zealand


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Dr Fabiano Ximenes - Senior Research Scientist, with the NSW Dept. of Primary Industries
Dr Fabiano Ximenes is a Senior Research Scientist, with the NSW Dept. of Primary Industries and has been active for over 20 years developing and implementing novel methods to estimate carbon more accurately in forest systems and in wood products, including the true life cycle assessment (LA) of forests and wood products and the dynamics at end-of-life of decomposition of wood and paper products in landfills. This work, and other projects, have informed the development of national and international greenhouse inventories, and have been actively considered in the formulation of carbon policy. Fabiano was one of Lead Authors of the IPCC 2013 Revised Supplementary Methods and Good Practice Guidance Arising from the Kyoto Protocol (Harvested Wood Products chapter)

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Stephen Mitchell - Principal Consultant Thinkstep-anz
Stephen has worked in the field of sustainability for over 22 years. He is a specialist in Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste recovery, sustainable timber and wood products, and LCA-based environmental certification for building and construction products.
He is the current Director of EPD Australasia where he also provides Advocacy and Marketing services. Stephen also advises Australian and New Zealand importers on due diligence for illegal logged wood and is a Lead Auditor for FSC®, PEFC and Responsible Wood Chain of Custody certification.

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