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Commissioned by a couple in London, the designer overcame distance and logistics to produce a long lasting and beautiful piece of furniture. The natural character and beauty of the macassar ebony is showcased, and the sound environmental use of sustainably harvested products is championed.
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Macassar Ebony Dining Table
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United Kingdom

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Using macassar ebony veneers created flexibility in design, and the ability to achieve curves and unique and beautiful patterns as highlights within the piece. Carefully choosing the veneers allowed the natural character and beauty of the timber to be showcased. From a personal point of view, using veneers allowed me to make the most of such a precious resource and create a long lasting and beautiful piece of furniture. This table was commissioned by a couple in London, so I needed to be confident in the strength of the timber. I worked closely with the couple to overcome distance and logistics to create a piece of furniture which they love and I am very proud of. 

I believe beautiful furniture using veneer in its construction creates unique style, longevity and beauty. In this piece, veneers allowed me to incorporate sound environmental use of sustainably harvested products and allowed flexibility to lay the timber out for aesthetics, without compromising the structural integrity.

Architect/Designer: Nicholas Bailey Fine Furniture

Fabricator: Nicholas Bailey Fine Furniture

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The macassar veneer and the curves are the most outstanding features of this piece. Using ply and epoxy glue meant the piece avoided the movement that solid timber can have due to seasonal changes.

This dining table top incorporated macassar ebony veneer and techniglue epoxy resin R60 over 15mm birch ply. The birch ply, chosen because of its hard surface, is high-quality and retains its flatness, helping the dining table top resist indentation over its lifetime. The birch ply was made in to a torsion box creating a light weight top with structural integrity. The foot was made from quarter sawn macassar ebony veneer over a solid Victorian ash substrate. The base was made from seven layers of 6mm bendy ply and 2x2mm hoop ply skins for the face and back of the curved section. The table was finished with Mirotone precatalysed lacquer.

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