Branch 95

Species Supplied

Other Species Supplied

Qld silver ash (Flindersia bourjotiana) Red tulip oak (Argyrodendron peralatum) Black bean (Castanosperum austal) Black wattle (Acacia Aulacocarpa) Northern silky oak (Cardwellia sublimis) Cooktown Iron wood (Erythrophloeum chlorostachys) Silver Quodong (Elaeocarpus grandins) Malple silkwood (Flindersia Acuminata) Cheese wood (Nauclea Orentalis)

Business Type

Wholesale/Trade sales

Service Categories

Joinery & cabinet making
Recycled timber and flooring supplies
Timber building products


<p>Branch 95’s has a wide range of unique Australian native hardwood timber species in a variety of timber products, including flooring, structural timber, decking, furniture timber, stair treads laminates, decorative and cladding.</p>

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