Treated Sawn Timber

Treated sawn timber adds durability and helps to protect timber products from hazards such as decay, termites and borers.

Sawn timber is timber that is cut from logs into different shapes and sizes. Sawn timber is generally cut into varying rectangular widths and lengths, but may also be wedge shaped. Common sawn timber products include solid timber beams and more rectangular timber sections. Treated sawn timber increases the durability of these timber products and helps to protect against weathering and insect attack.

Advantages of treated sawn timber
Many commercial timbers are not naturally resistant to rot, insect attack or the effects of sunlight, heating, cooling, rain and frost. Untreated wood in contact with the ground or water will typically only last from one to four years.

Pressure treatment with preserving chemicals, however, protects wood products against decay and insect infestation. Some sawn timber products are preservative treated against a number of hazards including borers, termites and decay.

Treated sawn timber can be used outdoors, indoors, above-ground, in-ground, and in direct contact with fresh or salt water - and can last decades - usually around 30 - 50 years.

Timber that has been treated to the relevant preservation requirements should be clearly identified by a brand or mark, as defined and required by the Standard.

Sawn timber suppliers will be able to provide more detailed information on the treated sawn timber products they have available.

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Architectural Roof Trusses

Architectural timber roof trusses create strong visual impact. Often used as part of ‘cathedral ceiling’ systems, timber can be specified light or heavy to suit the chosen theme and style. They can be left natural or may be oiled, stained, painted or highly decorated, limited only by individual style and design preferences.
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Cladding, External

The natural appeal, versatility and strength of timber makes it the superior choice for external cladding. Through specification, planning, design and finishing processes, timber cladding not only creates a building of superior strength, acoustic and thermal performance but also creates a place of beauty, style and natural appeal.
a deck with a pool and a deck with a couch and a bench


Timber decking creates spaces that are functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. With the right design and care a timber deck will make a valuable addition to any home or business, creating an outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for years to come.
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The warmth, strength and natural beauty of timber flooring is enduringly popular in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
Treated sawn timber adds durability and helps to protect timber products from hazards such as decay, termites and borers.

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