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PO Box 2091
New Farm
QLD 4005
Business Type
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Wholesale/Trade sales
Accreditation / Certification
IS0 9000
Service Categories
  • Advice & consultancy
  • Architecture & design
  • Building construction
  • Carpentry
  • Interior design
  • Joinery & cabinet making
  • Other
  • Woodcraft

-27.4671634, 153.0461595

3DM Pty Ltd is a BSA Licensed Carpentry & Maintenance company with expertise in the Domestic and Commercial sectors dedicated to dealing with small to medium contracts

The company was formed by Mike Wilby in response to constant requests to help get jobs finished and carry out the small "difficult" jobs which larger companies are simply not interested in , getting these jobs has resulted in people coming back to us time after time

At the core of 3DM's Service ethics are the 3 R's
Reliability Reasonable Cost Repeat Business

Reliability Nobody likes to be treated with disrespect - We believe that failing to keep appointments without any contact or notice shows lack of respect for customers We are constantly amazed to hear people telling us about contractors they wasted a whole day waiting for

Nobody likes to be lied to - we believe that telling clients one thing and doing another is dishonest and has no place in a professional company

If we are not able to take on your job and complete it within your required timeframe we will say so and recommend one of our trusted associates who may be able to

Work will always be completed to the required standards

Reasonable Cost

Everbody has a budget that they need to work within - us included , we do not claim to be the "cheapest chippies in town" , We do promise to be as competitive as possible when measured against other professional licensed contractors ,and consistently deliver quality service at reasonable cost

Repeat Business

Advertising is expensive so we don't want to have to do it! If we provide reliable service at reasonable cost we will get repeat business and remain able to keep our prices reasonable - we call this the "positive feedback loop" and is the reason we believe that adhering to our service ethics will ensure our success

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