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Qld silver ash (Flindersia bourjotiana) Red tulip oak (Argyrodendron peralatum) Black bean (Castanosperum austal) Black wattle (Acacia Aulacocarpa) Northern silky oak (Cardwellia sublimis) Cooktown Iron wood (Erythrophloeum chlorostachys) Silver Quodong (Elaeocarpus grandins) Malple silkwood (Flindersia Acuminata) Cheese wood (Nauclea Orentalis)

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Wholesale/Trade sales

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Timber building products


<p>Our Dry Mill manufactures quality Hardwood decking and flooring for both residential and commercial projects.<br>Our green mill produces power poles, piles, building timbers, cross arms, and a range of land scape products.<br>The frame and truss plants service builders throughout Queensland and north of Brisbane.</p>

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