Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

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Wholesale/Trade sales

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Advice & consultancy
Coatings & treatments
Engineered timber fabrication
Timber connections


ASH encourage direct contact with designers and will connect enquiries to their distribution network of timber products and manufactured products such as windows, doors and stairs. The website offers a ‘request a sample’ service to showcase the versatility of their timber. You can also enquire about timber supply for specific projects with complete confidentiality at ASH have 4 major product ranges: GOODWOOD Victorian ash is easy to work, cut, paint, stain and process. IRONASH is GoodWood Victorian Ash treated to H3 classification with an invisible preservative, IRONASH can be used externally in partnership with GOODWOOD Victorian Ash to allow continuous flow of timber design from inside to out. ALPINE OAK is for the builder looking to maximize character of grain, increase yield from resource and quick installation. SUPASPAN is a range of high strength structural timbers for the builder who puts quality first. For more information on each product, visit

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